Who We Are

We’re the London Study Abroad Experts! London Study Abroad Experience (SAE) is quite simply the London-based study abroad and internship specialist. We provide superior quality London-based study abroad programs where all participants are completely immersed in the life and culture of London, thereby gaining the invaluable skills of intercultural communication, adaptability, and self-reflection. Through experiential learning, our participants will be able to adapt to their new environments, allowing them to fully take advantage of the opportunities for personal and academic growth and to become true global citizens in this increasingly global society in which we live. Our Staff live and work in the US and the UK and offer students, interns, and their families a complete, personalized experience in London.

Great Value
We pride ourselves on being one of the most affordable study and
intern abroad programs in London. Going abroad shouldn’t break the
bank, and we want you to enjoy your time when you study or intern
in London.

High Quality Partners
We partner with some of the most well-respected universities in
London, known for their academic rigor, integrity, a plethora of module
choices, and highly desirable campus locations. You will be sure to come away with more knowledge from both inside and outside the classroom.

Strong On-Site Support
We provide quality support for all students before, during, and after
their study abroad experience. Year after year, London SAE students
rate our on-site staff as one of the highlights of their London study
or intern abroad experience. Our strong local network and extensive
London knowledge create a strong mix of cultural and academic
learning opportunities.